"I invest in your memories, not just photoshoots."

"Revisions are my guarantee, not an inconvenience."

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Hola Amigo!

I Can Capture & Create Anything You Want

I see the world in frames, not just faces. Light dances in my lens, stories whisper through my edits. I’m a storyteller with a camera, a sculptor of moments, weaving emotions into pixels and light. My canvas? Your memories, your dreams, your brand. I capture the magic you didn’t know was there, turning the ordinary into extraordinary. So come, let’s paint your narrative together, one click, one frame at a time.


My Amazing Works

Warning: Extreme Creativity May Occur : Enter at your own risk, your mind might explode.

I'm more than a PHOTOGRAPHER

I Develop Skills Regularly to Keep Me Updated

Adobe After Effects
Adobe Premiere Pro
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Lightroom


What I Do for Clients

Your Vision. My Lens. Collaborating to create impact.

Fashion Photography

Starts from $199

Fashion is a fleeting dance, a whisper of trends caught in fabric and light. As a photographer, I chase that ephemeral beauty, weaving stories with every click. Forget stiff studio portraits – my lens craves the dynamic energy of the street, the confidence in a model’s strut, the fleeting magic of a garment catching the wind.

Wedding Photography

Starts from $1999

I’m not just about posed portraits; I’m about weaving a visual tapestry of your love story. From the nervous excitement of getting ready to the uninhibited joy of the dance floor, I’ll be there, whispering into the shadows, capturing the essence of your “happily ever after” in breathtaking stills and cinematic moments.

Commercial Shoots

Starts from $299

Imagine your brand story coming to life in a symphony of stunning visuals, compelling narratives, and emotions that resonate. That’s the magic I bring to your commercial shoots.                    We’ll collaborate to craft a visual journey that captivates your audience, whether it’s a heart-pounding product launch,      a heartwarming brand narrative, or        a side-splitting ad that leaves them wanting more.

Documentary Shoots

Starts from $299

My documentary shoots dive deep into the raw, the real, the unfiltered. From bustling city streets to remote mountain villages, I capture the essence of human experience, the unscripted moments that whisper truth. Witness communities come alive, hear voices seldom heard, and feel the pulse of the world through my lens. Let’s craft a visual narrative that resonates, that ignites curiosity, and that leaves a lasting mark on the soul.


What My Clients Say

WARNING!!! May cause excessive TRUST.

My sports car wasn't just filmed, it was sculpted in light and motion. This videographer isn't just skilled, they're a visual alchemist, transforming my passion project into a cinematic poem.
Every frame sizzles, every cut throbs with the car's raw energy. Forget personal videos, this is art-house automotive. If you want your prized possession to transcend metal and become magic, look no further. Trust this artist to paint your passion on screen in a way you never thought possible. Bravo!
Nikunj Malik
Canadian Resident
From vows to confetti, Ashish painted our wedding with light. His talent is undeniable, transforming every moment into a breathtaking memory. The wedding teaser? A masterpiece! It captured the essence of our day in a few perfect frames, making us relive the emotions all over again. His professionalism is impeccable, his passion infectious, and his photos? Timeless art. If you seek a photographer who elevates your wedding to an emotional masterpiece, look no further. Ashish gets my highest recommendation, hands down!
Sukrit Narwal
Government Contracter

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